Five More Companies Doing Seasonal Hiring

toys r us logoIn our previous post, we highlighted five companies doing seasonal hiring in anticipation of the holidays. Today we’re sharing five more.

1. Toys “R” Us is bringing on an additional 45,000 employees during their seasonal hiring. The seasonal hires will assist in their stores and distribution centers. Click here to apply for a seasonal position at Toys “R” Us

2. Target stores plan adding 70,000 workers during their seasonal hiring. Click here to learn more and apply.

3. Walmart is also doing its share of seasonal hiring this year. The company plans on adding an estimated 60,000 seasonal employees. The majority of the positions will be at Walmart retail locations, and an estimated 25% of the seasonal positions will turn to permanent positions. Click here to apply for Walmart seasonal jobs.

4. Wisconsin-based Kohls says its seasonal hiring will bring in an estimate 67,000 employees, a 25% increase over 2013 seasonal hiring.  To apply for a Kohls seasonal position, click here.

5. While Kmart and Sears aren’t disclosing their seasonal hiring numbers, the retailers plan on adding holiday helpers in the form of cashiers, stockers, and replenishment staff to their numbers this holiday season. To apply for any of these positions, click here.