How to Have a Great Job Interview by Saying the Right Things

Having a great job interview isn’t a guarantee you’ll get the job, but saying the right things can certainly help get you on your way.  An article on Yahoo suggests the five best things to say during an interview. Here there are with my own suggestions added on:

5 Things to Say to Have a Great Job Interview

  1. Ask good questions like, “What would I need to focus on differently than the previous person in this position?” This questions let’s the interviewer know you’re serious about taking the role to the next level.Interview Tips
  2. “I’m Flexible” or some variation of that term. You want your potential employer to know that you adapt easily to change, that you can roll with the punches, and that you can manage when things don’t go as plan.
  3. Do a little research on the company and then use their words. Know the company mission and then tell them how closely your own goals align with the company’s. You’ll impress them by doing your research!
  4. “That’s a good question.” – Responding in this manner to an interviewer indicates that you’re paying attention and that you respect the questions you’re being asked. Once you’ve said it though, make sure you answer the question well.
  5. Let them know you want the job, and the reasons why you want it.  Be clear, and be convincing, letting the interviewer know why you’re exactly the right candidate for the job.

To read the original Yahoo article, click here.